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MACSENIOR for about 50 years, organize Turnkey Project of footwear and leather goods production plants. The core business activities ranging from production departments engineering to supply and installation of all machinery, in any aspects of manufacturing process and technical support.


Simac Tanning Tech 2019


Machines and technologies resold
B01.01 - CAD Systems
B01.02 - Hand-operated cutters
B01.03 - Pantographs
B01.04 - Shoe last thermoforming machines
B01.05 - Leather area measuring machines
B01.06 - Die-cutting presses
B01.07 - Numeric control dieless cutting systems
B01.08 - Strip cutters
B02.01 - Splitting machines
B02.02 - Stamping machines
B02.03 - Skiving machines
B02.04 - Upper reinforcements applying machines
B02.05 - Edge taping machines
B02.06 - Vamp crimping machines
B02.07 - Plating and printing machines
B02.08 - High-frequency printing systems
B02.09 - Punching machines
B02.10 - Edge folding machines
B02.11 - Toe cap attaching machines
B02.12 - Lining-upper cementing machines
B02.13 - Pleating machines
B02.14 - Flat-bed sewing machines
B02.15 - Arm-type sewing machines
B02.16 - Post-bed sewing machines
B02.17 - Mocassin type sewing machines
B02.18 - Seam beating of upper stitchings
B02.19 - Seam pressing and tape applying machines
B02.20 - Upper lining trimming machines
B02.21 - Strobel insole applying machines
B02.22 - Eyelets, rivets, hooks, rings, vis applying machines
B02.23 - Automatic programmable machines to realize ornaments by small parts
B02.24 - Laser systems
B02.25 - Vamp pre-forming machines
B02.26 - Upper lacing machines
B02.27 - Boot turning-out machines
B03.01 - Insole applying machines
B03.02 - Insole trimming machines
B03.03 - Backpart moulding machines
B03.04 - Toe upper forming machines
B03.05 - Upper edge roughing machines
B03.06 - Moccasin ironing machines
B03.07 - Machines for humidifying upper and/or its parts
B03.08 - Pulling-over and lasting machines
B03.09 - Machines to fix the uppers to the last
B03.10 - Waist lasting machines
B03.11 - Heel seat lasting machines
B03.12 - Side and heel seat lasting machines
B03.13 - Lasted shoe pounding machines
B03.14 - Ironing and stabilizing heat setters
B03.15 - Ironing machines with hot hair and roller
B04.01 - Lasted shoe roughing machines
B04.02 - Sole roughing machines
B04.03 - Lasted shoe-sole cementing systems
B04.04 - Lasted shoe-sole automated cementing systems
B04.05 - Multifunction machines for lasted shoe
B04.06 - Dryer reactivators
B04.07 - Sole attaching presses
B04.08 - Chill setters
B04.09 - Brushing machines for glue removing along the edge last
B04.10 - Heel seat pounding machines
B04.11 - Fitting heel beating machines
B04.12 - Last pulling machines
B04.13 - Blake sole sewing machines
B04.14 - Wall sole sewing machines
B04.15 - Sole sewing machines curved needle
B04.16 - Goodyear processing machines
B04.17 - Heel prefixing - nailing machines
B04.18 - Shoe quarter reforming machines
B04.19 - Relasting machines
B04.20 - Channeling machine
B04.21 - Trimming machine
B04.22 - Band scouring machines
B04.23 - Heel top piece attaching presses
B05.01 - Ironing machines
B05.02 - Brushing machines
B05.03 - Stamping machines
B05.04 - Seam beating and ironing machines
B05.05 - Sock’s cementing machines
B06.01 - Skiving machines for toe caps
B06.02 - Stiffeners production machine
B06.03 - Insoles CAD-CAM systems
B06.04 - Insoles cutting machines
B06.05 - Skiving machines for fibreboard heel socks
B06.06 - Metal shanks applying machines
B06.07 - Insoles preforming presses
B06.08 - Injected shank to insole systems
B06.09 - Heel CAD-CAM systems
B06.10 - Injected heels systems
B06.11 - Heels processing machines
B06.12 - Heel working CNC systems
B06.13 - Sole CAD-CAM systems
B06.14 - Sole processing (common working)
B06.15 - Prefinished soles processing machines
B06.16 - Wall soles processing machines
B06.17 - Trimming machines to copy and groove soles
B06.18 - Welt processing machines
B06.19 - Welt attaching machines to sole
B06.20 - Strips, edges, mignon machines
B06.21 - Die-cutter processing machines
B06.22 - Metal small ware machines
B06.23 - Last CAD-CAM systems
B06.24 - Last digitizers
B06.25 - Last production machines
B07.01 - Thermoplastic injection machines
B07.02 - EVA injection machines
B07.03 - Rubber injection machines
B07.04 - PU injection machines
B07.05 - PU pouring machines
B07.06 - Injected sole automatic trimming
B07.07 - PU soles washing
B07.08 - Moulds
B08.01 - Production management softwares
B08.02 - Shoe upper conveyor-systems
B08.03 - Lasting department conveyor-systems
B08.04 - Belt conveyors
B08.05 - Manipulators of loading and unloading
B08.06 - Turnkey footwear plants
B09.01 - Arm-type sewing machines for repairers
B09.02 - Soles and heels attaching presses
B09.03 - Benches with activating oven and exhauster
B09.04 - Finishing combined machines
B09.05 - Shoe brushing machines for public applications
B10.01 - Laboratory test equipments
B10.02 - Boards for die-cutting
B10.03 - Blades and knives
B10.04 - Tools, cutters and punches
B10.05 - Needles
B10.06 - Nails and tacks
B10.07 - Adhesives
B10.08 - Preforming moulds
B10.09 - Chemicals
Leather goods
C01.01 سیستم CAD
C01.02- پلاتر برای برش مقوای مدل
C01.03- میز برش نمونه
C01.04 دستگاه های مخصوص نمونه سازی و تولید اندک
C01.05 دستگاه اندازه گیری
C02.01- برش دستی
C02.02 پانچ
C02.03 میز برش کامپیوتری
C02.04 سیستم های برش و علامت گذاری لیزری
C02.05 برش نواری
C02.06 برش رول
C02.07 برش قطعاتی
C02.08 دستگاه اشبالت
C02.09 دستگاه لویس
C02.10 دستگاه های لب تا
C02.11 سوراخ کن
C02.12 سوراخ کن و اصلاح کننده ی سطح کار
C02.13 دستگاه پرس تخت
C03.01 سیستم چسب زنی
C03.02 دستگاه دوبله ساز
C03.03 - خشك كن چسب
C03.04 - دستگاه دور گير
C03.05 ماشين دوخت
چكش زني درز دوخت C03.06
C03.07 ماشين آلات دوخت براي كار هاي خاص
ماشين هاي دوخت اتوماتيك C03.08
پروسه توليد كمربند C03.09
دستگاه پرس با تيغ برش
ماشين آلات براي كار روي لبه چرم
ماشن چاپ غلتكي براي تزيين چرم
سمباده زني و فرچه زني
ما شين پوليش
سيستم رنگ زني
ماشين پوليش براي لبه هاي چرم
ماشين آلاتي براي قطعات كوچك فلزي
ماشين آلات براي پانچ ، ميخ پرچ،نگين و غيره
ماشين چاپ داغي
لودر ، بالابر و ليفتراك
ماشين آلات تست آزمايشگاهي
تخته برش
تيغه ها و چاقو ها
ابزار، كاتر و پانچ
سوزن ها
انواع ميخ