B10 - Equipment et accessories

Machines for laboratory tests, tools and devices as support of the machines operating in the shoe manufacturing

Machinery and equipment for quality control laboratory (physical and chemical test) of shoes and their components. The tests are performed according to regulatory and/or precise standards methodology such as ISO (International Standard Organization) or IULTCS (International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies).

Plate used as support for the material being cut by mechanical pressing of the die. The various resistances or hardness is related to the material which is composed the object. Widely made by nylon.

Metal tools with a sharp edge for cutting. Manual working tool used in splitting machines, skiving, cutting tables, etc..

Tools with a rotating surface equipped with multiple cutting edges.

Small steel tools in a cylindrical shape with a pointed end and the other side with an oval hole in which one passes the thread for sewing.

Metal rods small size, pointed at one end and with wide range of flat head in the other side. Used to fix provisional or final way the parts that are utilized for leather article.

Adhesive, substance or mixture of natural or artificial substances, as interface between the objects surfaces that successively will be put in contact, it keeps them glued when the pressing force is removed. The classification can be solvent or water based.

Moulds for shaping insoles, counters, soles in different materials and types.

Chemical compounds to implement shoe components or for shoe finishing.