A09 - Engineering

Supplier of engineering, services suppliers, equipment and components, in order to design and build production systems and industrial plants.

Preliminary planning and verification of economic-environmental conditions for the realization of tanning plants.

Turnkey, complete supply of tanning plants. Executive planning, Installation, Testing and Startup.

Mixing, dosing and stocking implants; for liquid or semi liquid chemical tanning products; for wet and finishing phase of the process. Consist in remotely controlled systems that can provide the delivery and conservations of mixing products through continuously recycling . The dosing systems can assure the precision and repeatability of the recepies of tanning process. The implants are equipped with appropriate containment tanks for environmental purpose.

Centralized integrated plants and systems for production lines; such as drums line specifically dedicated to water mixing and recycling and filtering of tanning baths. This equipment can give a direct contribution in resource optimizations (water, energy) and relevant reduction on pollutions into waste waters.

Equipment for aspiration, dust abatement and toxic gas processing. Solutions are available for drums and the subsequent treatment of H2S. Centralized dust extraction processes for dry shaving, sanding and dusting etc.

Storing Systems for liquid and solid Tanning Chemicals used in the process and systems for collection, storage and homogenization of tanning waste water.

Systems for the collection, storage and volume reduction of tanning solid waste, such as: fleshing, shaving, boffing dust, etc. They are compacting screw, plates pressings, mechanical kinematic mechanisms, pumps etc.

Climatized hides and skins warehouses. Dimension will be calculated according to the tannery production program.

Centralized heating systems for water by electricity, combustion (methane, gas) or other source.

Plants for production and distribution of compressed air. They consist in a compressor, a storage tank and a distribution network to feed machines and parts of machines using power pneumatic.