ASSOMAC AND LEATHER WORKING GROUP: Joint work for the sustainability of the tanning production process

The commitment to sustainability in ASSOMAC processes, from the words of LGW’s Manager, Deborah Taylor.

During the last edition of Simac Tanning Tech, ASSOMAC invited the Leather Working Group (LWG), a body that works at international level for the certification of the tanning process in terms of environmental sustainability in the production sector, to continue joint work on the sustainability of the tanning process. Deborah Taylor, LWG’s Manager, was the guest of the works. Interviewed by the Staff of Assomac, we asked her to describe the collaboration between her organization and ASSOMAC:

“We started working with ASSOMAC at APLF last year. We had there our first meeting and we decided we would work together collaboratively to produce some kind of “Best practice guidance” for the use of machinery in tanneries.

So, we have been working together over the last year to produce some very good concise guidance for the leather manufacturing companies to help them to be more efficient with what they are doing, to help the environmental impact of the machinery they are using and to make sure that they are maintaining it and looking after it. It is important that machines are responsibly looking after and maintained for the good of the workers and the environment” LWG was pleasantly impressed by ASSOMAC’s “Supplier of Sustainable Technology” project and its first operational tool, the Green Label.

Deborah Taylor expresses her impression on the ‘Green Label’: “I hope that by encouraging to adopt the “Green Label” for the environmental aspects of their machines we will be able to differentiate again in tanneries for those companies that really are doing the best they can for the environment. We are hoping that tanneries will adopt it as just a regular part of the work they do and get the mindset right, every day and not just when they have an order”.