C01 - Pattern making machinery

Systems, machines and equipment used for the modeling and prototyping preparation of small leather goods, belts, bags, etc..

CAD design software 2D-3D with different levels of functionality to the definition of the style lines, virtual prototyping modeling, series development, production management, etc.. CAD systems make it faster design and design changes. The effectiveness and advantages of the CAD system compared to the traditional methodology are amplified when the automated systems for the components production are adopted. This case of integration CAD / CAM (Computer-Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacturing) can allow you to convert projects directly into instructions for the machinery.

Remote controlled plotter device specialized in printing and cutting large format paper-cardboard, utilized as an output device ideal for CAD and vector files in general.

Leather cutting system, tissues and synthetic materials by means of oscillating knife, said vibrating blade, mounted on a movable head by means of an arm. The cutting profile is determined from information transmitted by vector files and projected directly onto the work plan for the optimal placement of shapes. Intake system for the clamping of the skin, head and multi tool system of automatic nesting complement the machine functions. Version suitable for modeling.

Simplified version of the typical machines for leather goods with such dimensions that can be used in the realization of models and prototypes articles. Starting from the lines created by the designers, these machines support the production engineering.

Machine used for manage the identification of the parts of the shoe upper. Wide range from analog to digital of solutions and from manual to automated control.