TECHNOLOGY & SERVICE SRL della Repubblica, 14
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TECHNOLOGY & SERVICE SRL is a company in Vigevano operating since 1924 in the footwear industry. TECHNOLOGY & SERVICE SRL produces and trades machines for footwear. The range of TECHNOLOGY & SERVICE SRL also includes CAD / CAM and automatic cutting systems.


Simac Tanning Tech 2019


Machines and technologies resold
B01.01 - CAD Systems
B01.02 - Hand-operated cutters
B01.03 - Pantographs
B01.04 - Shoe last thermoforming machines
B01.05 - Leather area measuring machines
B01.06 - Die-cutting presses
B01.07 - Numeric control dieless cutting systems
B02.01 - Splitting machines
B02.02 - Stamping machines
B02.03 - Skiving machines
B02.04 - Upper reinforcements applying machines
B02.05 - Edge taping machines
B02.06 - Vamp crimping machines
B02.07 - Plating and printing machines
B02.08 - High-frequency printing systems
B02.09 - Punching machines
B02.10 - Edge folding machines
B02.11 - Toe cap attaching machines
B02.12 - Lining-upper cementing machines
B02.13 - Pleating machines
B02.14 - Flat-bed sewing machines
B02.15 - Arm-type sewing machines
B02.16 - Post-bed sewing machines
B02.17 - Mocassin type sewing machines
B02.18 - Seam beating of upper stitchings
B02.19 - Seam pressing and tape applying machines
B02.20 - Upper lining trimming machines
B02.21 - Strobel insole applying machines
B02.22 - Eyelets, rivets, hooks, rings, vis applying machines
B02.23 - Automatic programmable machines to realize ornaments by small parts
B02.24 - Laser systems
B02.25 - Vamp pre-forming machines
B02.26 - Upper lacing machines
B02.27 - Boot turning-out machines
B03.01 - Insole applying machines
B03.02 - Insole trimming machines
B03.03 - Backpart moulding machines
B03.04 - Toe upper forming machines
B03.05 - Upper edge roughing machines
B03.06 - Moccasin ironing machines
B03.07 - Machines for humidifying upper and/or its parts
B03.08 - Pulling-over and lasting machines
B03.09 - Machines to fix the uppers to the last
B03.10 - Waist lasting machines
B03.11 - Heel seat lasting machines
B03.12 - Side and heel seat lasting machines
B03.13 - Lasted shoe pounding machines
B03.14 - Ironing and stabilizing heat setters
B03.15 - Ironing machines with hot hair and roller
B04.01 - Lasted shoe roughing machines
B04.02 - Sole roughing machines
B04.03 - Lasted shoe-sole cementing systems
B04.04 - Lasted shoe-sole automated cementing systems
B04.05 - Multifunction machines for lasted shoe
B04.06 - Dryer reactivators
B04.07 - Sole attaching presses
B04.08 - Chill setters
B04.09 - Brushing machines for glue removing along the edge last
B04.10 - Heel seat pounding machines
B04.11 - Fitting heel beating machines
B04.12 - Last pulling machines
B04.13 - Blake sole sewing machines
B04.14 - Wall sole sewing machines
B04.15 - Sole sewing machines curved needle
B04.16 - Goodyear processing machines
B04.17 - Heel prefixing - nailing machines
B04.18 - Shoe quarter reforming machines
B04.19 - Relasting machines
B04.20 - Channeling machine
B04.21 - Trimming machine
B04.22 - Band scouring machines
B04.23 - Heel top piece attaching presses
B05.01 - Ironing machines
B05.02 - Brushing machines
B05.03 - Stamping machines
B05.04 - Seam beating and ironing machines
B05.05 - Sock’s cementing machines
B06.01 - Skiving machines for toe caps
B06.02 - Stiffeners production machine
B06.03 - Insoles CAD-CAM systems
B06.04 - Insoles cutting machines
B06.05 - Skiving machines for fibreboard heel socks
B06.06 - Metal shanks applying machines
B06.07 - Insoles preforming presses
B06.08 - Injected shank to insole systems
B06.09 - Heel CAD-CAM systems
B06.10 - Injected heels systems
B06.11 - Heels processing machines
B06.12 - Heel working CNC systems
B06.13 - Sole CAD-CAM systems
B06.14 - Sole processing (common working)
B06.15 - Prefinished soles processing machines
B06.16 - Wall soles processing machines
B06.17 - Trimming machines to copy and groove soles
B06.18 - Welt processing machines
B06.19 - Welt attaching machines to sole
B06.20 - Strips, edges, mignon machines
B06.21 - Die-cutter processing machines
B06.22 - Metal small ware machines
B06.23 - Last CAD-CAM systems
B06.24 - Last digitizers
B06.25 - Last production machines
B08.01 - Production management softwares
B08.02 - Shoe upper conveyor-systems
B08.03 - Lasting department conveyor-systems
B08.04 - Belt conveyors
B08.05 - Manipulators of loading and unloading
B08.06 - Turnkey footwear plants
B09.01 - Arm-type sewing machines for repairers
B09.02 - Soles and heels attaching presses
B09.03 - Benches with activating oven and exhauster
B09.04 - Finishing combined machines
B09.05 - Shoe brushing machines for public applications
B10.01 - Laboratory test equipments
B10.02 - Boards for die-cutting
B10.03 - Blades and knives
B10.04 - Tools, cutters and punches
B10.05 - Needles
B10.06 - Nails and tacks
B10.07 - Adhesives
B10.08 - Preforming moulds
B10.09 - Chemicals
Leather goods
C01.01 - CAD system
C01.02 - Paper model cutting plotter
C01.03 - CNC Cutting table for samples
C01.04 - Special machines for making samples and small production
C01.05 - Area measuring machine
C02.01 - Manual shear
C02.02 - Die-cutting press
C02.03 - CNC dieless cutting system
C02.04 - Laser cutting and marking system
C02.05 - Strip cutter
C02.06 - Roller cutter
C02.07 - Piece cutter
C02.08 - Splitting machine
C02.09 - Skiving machine
C02.10 - Folding machine
C02.11 - Punching machine
C02.12 - Perforating, surface modification machine
C02.13 - Plating press
C03.01 - Cementing system
C03.02 - Assembling press
C03.03 - Glue drying oven
C03.04 - Edge trimming machine
C03.05 - Sewing machine
C03.06 - Seam press
C03.07 - Special sewing machine
C03.08 - Automatic sewing system
C03.09 - Belts processing plant
C04.01 - Diecutting-shaping machine
C04.02 - Edge working machine
C04.03 - Roller decoration printer
C04.04 - Buffing-brushing machine
C04.05 - Polishing machine
C04.06 - Dyeing system
C04.07 - Color drying oven
C04.08 - Edge polishing machine
C04.09 - Metal small ware machine
C04.10 - Eyelets-rivets applying machine
C04.11 - Stamping machine
C05.01 - Loaders, pickers and stackers
C05.02 - Laboratory test equipment
C05.03 - Boards for die-cutting
C05.04 - Blades and knives
C05.05 - Tools, cutters and punches
C05.06 - Needles
C05.07 - Nails and tacks
C05.08 - Adhesives