To the satisfaction of its 300 exhibitors

The 2018 edition of Simac Tanning Tech ends with greatly increased visitor numbers: attendance went beyond the most optimistic forecasts recording +18% compared with 2017, a successful year in itself.

The exhibition showcased new machinery and technologies with an ever-stronger focus on energy/eco-friendly performance and companies manifesting a desire to provide their clients with concrete information on the efficiency parameters and reduced environmental impact of their technology. To this end, Simac Tanning Tech saw the official presentation of the “Supplier of Sustainable Technologies” project, its main tool being the “Green Label”. Seventeen companies have already joined the project and acquired the label; another 25 have embarked on the procedures to obtain one.

Industry 4.0 has also been a strong drive behind the delivery of highly innovative technological solutions.

“On the three extremely intense days of the exhibition, thousands of visitors saw high-performing, safe and eco-friendly technology first-hand. The work done by our companies does not, however, lie solely in innovating the single machine but also and more importantly in an innovated production process says Gabriella Marchioni Bocca, Simac Tanning Tech President. Thanks to Government incentives and our ability to ride the wave of change, we have coped admirably with the recession that impacted on the Italian and global industry and are today better able to respond to market demands: the exhibition is a striking example of this. Machinery and technology for footwear, leather-goods and tanning continue to play a key role in the production chain, helping to deliver ever more sustainable and innovative Italian production.”

Thanks to our partnership with MiSE and ITA, we welcomed 20 foreign delegations to the exhibition once again this year, totalling more than 160 operators from the sector.

This year’s attendance numbers have recorded a 19% increase in foreign visitors declares Amilcare Baccini, Director General of Simac Tanning Tech. In addition to this, we have, on the whole, recorded very positive visitor returns to the exhibition on the second/third days, showing a desire to exploit the event to the maximum and further knowledge of the technology on display, with the ensuing excellent results in terms of business and sealed orders.”

The standard of the visitors is also illustrated by data on the larger number of online accreditations compared with visitors registering at the exhibition, an indication that visits to Simac Tanning Tech were not last-minute decisions but planned in advance.  


Milan, 22 February 2018