The Association promotes sustainability in the footwear, leather-goods and tanning technology industry

In conjunction with the Annual Meeting, ASSOMAC is presenting the Green Label, a voluntary scheme that takes concrete form in a tool available to Members, an ID credential that assures end clients of the efficiency, low environmental impact and operational safety parameters adopted by the manufactured technology.

“Sustainable products”, as well as their manufacture and use, have become key in international competition. To this end, the industry’s machinery and technology play a crucial role in production-process assurance – says Gabriella Marchioni Bocca, ASSOMAC President. Awareness of the expertise and high technological standards delivered must become a strength for the entire sector, which has, for some time now, been offering sustainable technological solutions. Not only are efficient manufacturing, waste reduction and the saving of energy resources and materials environmentally essential they are also a socio-economic commitment for future generations. We know that transparent technical information is an essential requisite to make this commitment visible which is why we have decided, flanked by our companies, to promote the vital aid that is the “Green Label”.

The Green Label falls within the “Suppliers of sustainable technology” project the Association has been working on for some time. The end aim is to go beyond mere declarations and create a Labelling System, certified by an accreditation body. This means that a company joining the initiative may have the performance of its machinery evaluated on the basis of a manufacturer-defined production cycle. The system calculates internationally recognised reference parameters such as CFP (Carbon Footprint), measured via the standard and accepted Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

“Being traceable, sustainable, transparent and eco-friendly have become fundamental preconditions that cannot be ignoredconcludes Gabriella Marchioni Bocca. It is our job to find the most innovative solutions and link production processes to environmental sustainability, which is not merely an indication of excellence but also of competitiveness. In an ever more demanding international market that is attentive to such issues and requires concrete responses to the new production demands, information on the energetic and environmental performance of a particular form of technology can constitute an added value bonus over competitors.”


Vigevano, 30 June 2017